People frequently ask me why I chose the name Studio Atticus for my business. The truth is, the impetus for the name originated in 1990 when my father died suddenly. I was ten years old. There was no time of sickness, no terminal diagnosis, no period to prepare for the loss. He just disappeared abruptly one day, and I never saw him again. I wanted more than anything to hold on to a part of my father. I wanted to find a way to honor him with my life. Although he had been a geologist by trade, he was a photographer at heart. A great deal of his free time was spent documenting landscapes, trains, and our family with his Minolta SRT 101.

At fourteen, I found his old camera and began learning how to use it. My epiphany, however, came later. I enrolled in a photo 101 class my sophomore year of college, and I knew without a doubt that I was a photographer. It was the first time I had ever been sure of anything in my life.  Destiny  and  Fate  are daunting words. What exactly makes you who you are? How much of who you become depends on what happens to you when you are small? Many people have a career, but their job is distinctly separate from their life and persona. I have no differentiation. My work, my art, my photography, they are who I am. “Atticus" is an English name. It means, “In the likeness of the father."