Boston State Room wedding | A + M

I have been documenting weddings for nearly 13 years, and I have worked with hundreds of wonderful clients, but never has a client wowed me with their kindness the way that Mark and Anna did on the day of their wedding. Their wedding day happened to fall on my birthday. I think I mentioned this coincidence to Anna during our correspondence prior to the celebration. Nothing more was said about my birthday until after their wedding ceremony. I was out on the lawn in front of the church with Mark and Anna’s families making family portraits when I heard a man behind me singing “Happy Birthday”. When I turned around, there was a smiling groomsman with a container of Sweet cupcakes, all lit with candles. Everyone had joined in the singing by that time, and I was nearly in tears! The couple also gave me a birthday card. I was astounded by their thoughtfulness. On a day that was surely one of the most important and overwhelming occasions in their life, they had invested considerable energy in creating an experience that would make me feel special!! It was truly one of the most incredible gestures of kindness I have ever experienced.

I rarely encounter people who truly understand how ephemeral life is– who embrace every moment wholeheartedly. Mark and Anna seem to live this way.  Their love for each other and their families was dazzling.

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The ceremony was held at Church of our Savior in Brookline. This  Boston State Room wedding  features dreamy florals by the talented team at New Leaf Flores.




All that emotion. You captured it so beautifully.

Mark Ciullo

Connie, you are truly the best wedding photographer I have ever come across! Your remarkable talent has captured our day in a way that I will treasure for my entire lifetime. To top that off, you a an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you Connie.