Pooja + John || Wychmere Harbor Club wedding photographer

Pooja and John celebrated their wedding on Cape Cod at the beautiful Wychmere Beach Club. It was an extremely hot day (perhaps in the 90’s, if my memory serves me correctly), and I enjoyed hearing John speak in amazement about how many of Pooja’s family milled about declaring that the AC was too cold while they sipped hot tea. As for John, he perched by the window air conditioner  (which was set on high) in his room with his father and brother as they awaited the festivities of the day. Pooja had an elaborate preparation process that was a pleasure to witness, and I loved observing her negotiations with the other women in her family as to what decorations and jewelry she would don for the day.

Family traveled from near and far to witness the couple’s union (numerous guests traveled from India), which took place on the beach atop an elegant wooden mandap that John had lovingly built by hand. Guests walked barefoot through the sand to their chairs for the ceremony, and beach goers looked on from several surrounding locations.  As Pooja processed down the aisle with her father, the emotion she exuded brought me to tears.

Needless to say, it was an amazing day that was filled with beautiful attire, loving people, blue skies, and a sense of joy that was palpable.

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