Geneva + John || Rosecliff Mansion Wedding Photographer Newport RI

As some of you might know, my father passed away when I was small. Growing up, I constantly missed having a fatherly figure– someone to give me affirmation, instruction, and love. I think we fashion ourselves after our parents behavior and because no one loving ever stepped in to take my father’s place during my childhood, parts of me were left as complex riddles I had to solve myself in adulthood. I mention all of this because Geneva and John’s wedding moved me in a way that was very personal. John’s first wife passed away and left him with their sweet daughter, Kaitlyn. I can only imagine what Kaitlyn experienced due to the sudden absence of her mother. Childhood loss is a baffling and overwhelming experience. On many occasions leading up to the wedding, I had thought about Kaitlyn and wondered how she would respond to the impending celebration.

Throughout the course of the wedding day, it became apparent to me that Geneva had truly embraced Kaitlyn as her own daughter. She took time out of her own preparations to focus on Kaitlyn’s needs, giving her affection and treating her as a very special part of the morning. During the ceremony, Geneva surprised Kaitlyn with a little ring of her own, and during the reception John and Kaitlyn shared a father daughter dance. At one point in the afternoon while speaking to Kaitlyn, I referred to Geneva by her first name and Kaitlyn immediatly corrected me, saying “No-it’s Mommy”. Clearly Kaitlyn had welcomed Geneva as her mother as well.

Geneva and John also made sure to remember Kaitlyn’s mother on the wedding day. In lieu of favors, a donation was made to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in her honor. The thoughtfulness that had been attended to in order to simultaneously pay loving tribute to one family and also create a beautiful new one nearly brought me to tears numerous times during the event. Life is such a glorious construction of sorrow, joy, creation, and loss, and this jubilant day seemed like a perfect illustration of all of those things.

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Preparation at the Chanler Hotel
 Rosecliff Mansion wedding
Programs, table numbers, invites, etc: Chandra Wroblewski (
Bride’s hair- Brady Brumfield of James Joseph salon in Boston
Bride’s makeup- Stacey Frasca


Beverly and Robert Glazer

The pictures are magnificent, as well as the people and the setting.